Monday, 12 December 2016

Enjoy Luxury at its most Affordable and Make Memorable Moments

Imagine a holiday home which is cost effective and has been so designed to bring together the stuff of your dreams in a single place then you will definitely be delighted at the prospect. Well, the North Wales’ holiday parks house some of the most comfortable and elegantly designed pitches which also serve as perfect weekend areas available for rent. These pitches include a direct gas and water supply, an adjoined landscaped garden for morning and evening tea and snacks, and also a space for your adorable and loved pet. As you step out of the park you may find interesting things in the nearby vicinity which takes you to the appealing world of North Wales.

You can find themed parks and small areas with castles designed for children to retain their interests and for the younger more adventurous generation one may also find natural and man-made rock climbing areas. The place is also home to multiple restaurants, bars, a golf course and a shopping area to fulfil the retail requirements. They are often also referred to as one of the leading North Wales’ caravan parks for it provides space in its huge area sites for caravans. People who have been on a road trip in caravans can retire here for the weekend and find all they need fulfilled along with getting a secured parking site. You can continue to use your caravan house for the stay while using the bathrooms and washroom situated in a more central and easy to access space for all or one can book a holiday home and stay in it for a holiday. The options are multiple and depending upon one’s comfort and convenience a course of action can be decided.

You can book today and have an eco-friendly stay in nature’s lap and enjoy the serenity, peace and tranquillity to your heart’s content. Be sure to enjoy the provisions and make your stay memorable and return only with good memories and strengthened bonds.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Touring Sites North Wales Are Perfect For Enjoying Holidays at the Fullest Scale

Touring Sites North Wales are the perfect place for making your base camp when coming to the Welsh countryside to enjoy some free days. It is one such place that has a plateful of resources and so is considered good for making your base from where you can start your thrilling journey. North Wales is a place that is surrounded by a number of striking tourist attractions, and the greatest thing about it is that all these attractions are not far away from the main city named Wrexham. It is one such reason that this place is full of resources.

Wrexham is one such city which is known for its huge shopping centre as well as entertainment facilities. It is a special place for children and also grown-ups as arrangements for the entertainment is focused on families enjoying time together. People who like touring with their motor home need to think about several things, and they also need to plan journeys carefully as motorhomes needs space for parking. This is one such place where you can get everything needed to enjoy the local area at its fullest scale.

If you are a person who wants to enjoy both nature and historical landmarks simultaneously, then this is the perfect place for you. It is a place where tourists can enjoy both breathtaking scenery and marvellous structures as well; and so through touring caravan parks North Wales, you have the opportunity to enjoy both things. One of the main attractions is the marvellous architecture of the Edwardian era. Through visiting places that feature this architecture, you will get the chance to find out about the most intricate engineering of yesteryears. You also have the opportunity to enjoy an outing to a welsh castle or ruins. Moreover, some other attractions that will definitely attract you are Pontcysyllte Viaduct, and Erdigg House.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Touring Caravan Parks North Wales Are Your Best Holiday Destination

The UK has some of the most breathtaking scenery and landscape in the World and Wrexham, which is situated in the Wales countryside, sharing a border with Cheshire, England is the place to visit. In Wrexham, you can find the leading Touring Caravan Parks North Wales complete with parking and living facilities that are top class and the most appropriate for enjoying a few days of hassle free holiday. If you are planning a weekend outing with your spouse or a group holiday you can hitch your caravan to your car and head towards Wrexham to find the best touring site nearby which is within close proximity of many Welsh castles and ruins and the various historic monuments worth visiting in the area.

Touring Caravan Sites North Wales provide entertainment for all ages

The Touring Caravan Sites North Wales are a great source of entertainment, apart from the various five-star facilities they offer to the guests. The parks are fit for young, old and children and the activities conducted in the park will help you to occupy your whole day. For ladies, there is the boutique and for the beauty conscious you have the hair and beauty salon and so at no time will you feel out of place as you can access all of the amenities that are available in the city. When you are in the park, you will be treated with an array of local cuisine made from local ingredients as well. 

It is a total package when you visit Caravan Sites North Wales as they provide entertainment for everyone. The fantastic backdrop of lush green valleys and mountains work as a great stimulant for tired minds, and as city dwellers, you can recharge your batteries by visiting this part of the Welsh countryside. Your weekend holiday or a honeymoon outing in your motor home can be planned and executed in the best way if you choose to stay at the caravan parks. The Plassey is a five-star caravan park and you can book your accommodation in advance by calling the team on 01978 780 277 or sending an email to with your request.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Enjoy the Lush Greenery of a North Wales Caravan Site for your Next Holiday

There is a big difference between a seaside resort and an inland holiday spot and the latter is perfect for spending a peaceful holiday amid the lush green environment. The North Welsh countryside is a great location for enjoying the beautiful, picturesque landscape where you can fill your days out with castles, churches, monuments and much more. There is also the chance to enjoy a little urban life with the shopping and leisure facilities available in Wrexham.

Plan your Holiday to North Wales Caravan Sites

If you are planning to enjoy a break here in the UK, then opting for the North of Wales will not disappoint. You can enjoy the beautiful green landscape, the many attractions and of course, the joy of touring in your very own motorhome. North Wales caravan sites are a great place to setup home for your break and they come complete with a range of facilities provided by the park management. You can travel with whoever you like, whether that’s friends, family or just with your significant other. Whoever you travel with you can be sure you’ll feel right at home with every comfort you could need.

Five-Star Facilities at Every Park

High quality North Wales caravan parks like The Plassey ensures you have a five-star experience. The park is complete with a huge range of amenities and even attractions within their perimeter. You can access everything from restaurants, bars and cafes to shops and sports facilities including an on-site 9-hole golf course. There are also parks for the children, a games room and even a castle-themed children’s amusement park. The range of amenities means you’ll never get bored, even if you never leave the confines of the park and there are also nature trails to enjoy so you can truly experience Welsh rural life.

The Plassey is a fine example of how good a caravan park can be. There are both regular and deluxe pitches with hard standing and access to a multitude of facilities which ensure you have a break but still have all the comforts of home. If you want to book a pitch you can contact us directly on 01987 780 277 or you can discuss your booking via email at The sooner you book your pitch, the more chance there is there will be a pitch available and you won’t be disappointed.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Holiday Parks North Wales Offers Luxurious Stay While You Explore The Area

The UK offers the top holiday spots in the North West courtesy of the North Wales holiday parks that have the facility to park vehicles such as your caravan. This beautiful country side has everything that a holiday seeker would look forward to when coming here with family members and the parks provide everything that a comfortable stay needs.  You will not find a better surrounding and environment as the country side is littered with historic monuments, landmarks, medieval castles, Roman ruins, and also offers an equal number of shopping experiences and entertainment for elders and children.

You will find the Holiday Parks North Wales absolutely luxurious when you hire one of the deluxe pitches offered by the park management as it provides trappings such as SKY TV connectivity, digital TV, water, electricity within the pitch. Within the park itself, they also provide amenities like a heated swimming pool, wash room, laundry facilities, dishwashing, and park wide Wi-Fi. You can expect the stay here to be totally comfortable, and the various small local tours that you will undertake is sure to take your breath away.  The historical importance of the place is likely to increase with its abundant greenery and makes it a great sight worth visiting. When you are here, you have the chance of visiting Wrexham the most famous town in the area which has the biggest shopping area, children’s park and several historical landmarks, and you can add the Pontcysyllte Viaduct, Ty Mawr Country Park, some medieval castles, Zoos and several amusement parks for children to your list as well.

These are places of interest and a must visit and the caravan holidays in North Wales form the base from which excursions are undertaken to these places. You will find the park life enchanting and comprehensively lively as people partake in many activities which are organised by the park management. Within the periphery, you will also find several recreations in the form of bars, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, play parks, Sauna, and several sporting grounds including golf! The Plassey is the most sought after caravan park in the area which offers all the above and some more when you stay here. Call us to book a space on 01978 780 277 and make it in advance so you are not disappointed.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Have a Caravan Tour to Plassey in North Wales

Plassey is one of the most visited and recommended touring caravan sites North Wales has to offer, and it holds up to its reputation of providing a secure and splendid place for those touring to find a retreat in a natural setting. One is bound to feel cared for, comforted and engaged during your stay as the Plassey not only provides you with a caravan pitch that is located near to the amenities area but also provides affordable holiday homes which are no less than those luxurious cottage one only dreams of living in and sees inside magazines. They are organised with a good eye for the finer aspects of life and all things like the suite to the attached bathrooms are looked after for cleanliness and are special.

The holiday park that is known as Plassey is home to a large landscaped garden for fun outdoor games and sunbathing with the family. The pleasant, clean and environmentally friendly setting provides a much needed and desired escape from the chaotic and pollution-filled city. Plassey is the perfect retreat option in North Wales and as it offers something for every age group you can go ahead and relax while your children explore the fun activities of the castle themed playpark made especially to encourage their adventurous and creative nature.

You can order food to your liking and try the local flavours at the food and drink area of the Plassey, which has many restaurants and licensed bars which serve as snug and inviting conversation spots. The bars also have a separate corner for kids, and so the concern of leaving them alone is also removed. You can visit and get a look at the most appealing caravan site for your next retreat in North Wales. This place offers you multiple options including a retail village, food and drink places and a golf course which was established in 1992 and which has seen tremendous results over the years. This par 66 Plassey golf course, spread over nine holes is located over 4961 yards. Plassey is one of the most conveniently accessible touring sites North Wales and is located near to some of the most beautiful parts of North Wales.

Monday, 13 June 2016

You Will Find North Wales Caravan Sites the Best Suited For a Weekend Holiday

If you are looking for a holiday spot in the North West of Britain, you will find that North Wales caravan sites are the most suitable as they combine nature, history and the contemporary to give an outstanding holiday experience.  The North Welsh countryside is known for its beautiful natural landscapes and so can provide the right platform for you with its various monuments, structures, churches, medieval castles, and Roman ruins where you can go for little excursions and the conveniently placed North Wales Caravan Sites provide the living space you need for you and your family.

For a weekend getaway or an extended honeymoon, you will not find a better place than the Northern Wales countryside as it provides all the right ingredients to make a potent holiday cocktail for you. When you are staying at a caravan site here the possibilities of enjoyment increases manifold because it is situated in the middle of beautiful landscape surrounded by an abundant amount of greenery that naturally gives scope to a number of outdoor activities including the exploration of the farmland situated within the periphery of the site.

Community living is at its best at Caravan Sites North Wales as people use the amenity buildings for the various facilities in harmony while they undertake sporting and other activities without any semblance of hesitation. When you need a drink or a snack, you can always amble up to the café, restaurant or bar located on the caravan site and women can also take advantage of the beauty salon specially established for them to groom themselves. These sites are never found wanting because you will always find something to keep you occupied whether it is shopping, a drink in the café, or a few laps of the heated swimming pool.

North Wales caravan sites offer both standard and deluxe pitches with hard standing to park your vehicles and they also provide the fundamental requirements like light, electricity, and water with them.  These parks are geographically within close proximity to all the historical and contemporary places of importance in the area, and hence, they are easy to reach for guests. However, you will need to book your parking space in advance so that you are not inconvenienced in any way. You will find the best touring pitches in North Wales at The Plassey, a beautifully conceived caravan site in North Wales. Call us on 01978 780 277 for reservations.   

Friday, 6 May 2016

Touring sites north Wales for outstanding summer holidays

It is always a dilemma for you when it comes to deciding on your holiday destination for the summer when you live in the UK,  there is no doubt that the English countryside offers some of the most enjoyable holiday spots, water resorts, and self-catering luxury holiday cottages in the World. However, they are not the same as the Touring Sites North Wales where you can drive your mobile home or caravan too, park up and have the time of your life under the open sky.

The North Wales Valleys and mountains, the thick forests and meadows are singled out as great places to establish caravan sites, and each of the parks in this area can provide you with all the essential amenities within their boundaries to facilitate the self-catering theme. You get to see some of the finest and greenest areas in this part of the world and the pitches offered by them are world class and come with all the basic services such as electricity and water as standard. 

The spacious parks allow caravans to be parked in an uncongested manner and also provide you with facilities such as baths, showers, toilets, washrooms, dishwashing areas, a swimming pool, sauna, and beauty parlours. All these things are provided within the main building which is within easy access of the pitches. The caravan sites in North Wales are self-sustainable as they have their own shopping areas, theme parks, cafes, restaurants, bars, and various establishments selling crafts and locally made items.

Staying at a caravan site also has numerous health benefits such as clean, fresh air, beautiful scenery, eye pleasing greenery, wide spread farm lands, self-created nature trails, cycle paths, a playing area for game enthusiasts and many other facilities hugely contributing to physical and mental fitness. A tour of the caravan sites in North Wales also allows the visitors to sightsee North Wales’ history, in the form of monuments, landmarks, castles, churches and parks. At the touring parks you make your own decisions, eat what you want and enjoy what you like the most. Plassey, located near Wrexham, is a touring site that offers all the above and more, and is exclusive to guests. Call us on 01978 780 277 or email to book a space and answer any questions you might have.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Caravan sites in North Wales offer the most economical nature holiday in the UK

Holidays can be planned in numerous ways and a holiday seeker is given several choices when it comes to choosing a holiday in the UK. Organised tours and travels by various tour operators are one option, but it could incur you a lot of expenditure as the tour operators will make arrangements for high-end accommodation in popular holiday destinations. The best advice for you at such times is to undertake a countryside tour of the North Wales countryside with your caravan!
This is a great idea because the area has a number of well-appointed caravan sites North Wales that are specially designed to facilitate the stay of tourists while they explore the place. The number one reason why you would go to a caravan park is that it is naturally oriented and is surrounded by an unabashed wealth of nature. Secondly, the parks provide all the amenities and facilities you would need depending on the service you want to choose. You can have a standard pitch to park your caravan or motorhome on that will have the basic requirements like electricity, water and drains with hard standings, or you can get the additional amenities of digital TV and Sky TV hookup by opting for a deluxe pitch.
The environment in the park is relaxed as there are a number of activities for the residents, as well as a heated swimming pool, outdoor and indoor games, nature trail around the park, and a themed play park for kids. There are also amenities such as hair and beauty salons, a games room, a golf course, licensed bars, a coffee shop and Wi-Fi across the park for communication with outside world and so many other things.
Then there are the local attractions in the form of nearby historical towns, monuments, structures, valleys, churches, shopping centres, animal parks, theme parks and several other things all within walking distance or accessible by public transport. Why waste money on high-profile hotels while you can stay amidst nature in the own homely accommodation of your caravan, motorhome or tent? The parks are very safe as they have robust security systems, and you can also keep your belongings locked up while you enjoy the outdoors. Plassey, one of the biggest touring caravan sites North Wales, offers all of the above and more when you are here. Call us on 01978 780 277 to book a space now.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Reasons that you should choose North Wales touring sites

Touring sites North Wales offer ample scope for excitement and leisure as they have access to sprawling green landscape, enchanting hills, rivers and various caravan sites that provide everything you need for a short as well as a sustained stay.  Touring the countryside is always an exhilarating experience as it allows you to absorb nature in its purest form while you indulge in various outdoor activities. 

Some of the famous attractions of yesteryear are situated in the North Wales countryside including the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, the Minera Lead Mines, Erdding Hall, Ty Mawr Country Park, Park Hall Country Side experience, the Roman remains of Chester and, of course, the town of Wrexham which has many things in store for the tourist including a huge shopping experience.  When you are in the North Welsh countryside you cannot ignore the famous town of Wrexham as it is the fulcrum around which The Caravan Sites North Wales revolve.

If you have plans to visit the North Wales countryside and Wrexham you would do well to book a pitching site for your caravan in one of the self-sustaining park sites that provide accommodation to you as well as your caravan. At Plassey, you have one such caravan park that offers deluxe pitches and amenities to people driving to the area for a holiday. When you are in Plassey, you have everything laid out for your convenience starting from the deluxe pitches to every basic amenity at the site as well as shopping arcades, restaurants, bars and beauty parlours within the park periphery.   Plassey is one of the top most caravan sites in North Wales, and it offers such things as the Treetops Bar and a heated swimming pool within the campus. 

Other modern amenities available to visitors include a sauna, craft stores & boutiques, fish ponds, a mini market, a licensed restaurant and bar, badminton and table tennis courts and 247 acres of farmland complete with 2 miles of nature trails. What more you can ask for when you are on a caravan tour? Just dial 01978 780 277 for advance booking and you can also contact us at

Monday, 8 February 2016

Why Is North Wales A Great Place to Holiday?

Why is the Welsh countryside a much better place for a holiday home than a beach resort or a snow clad mountainside chalet? Well, the climatical conditions and environment of the aforementioned holiday zones may not be suitable for everyone as they pose several health issues to visitors who do not like climbing or snow, for example, or for those that hate the salty air that is so prevalent on sandy beaches. The countryside is a different proposition and a healthy one at that, as you get cleaner air to breathe and abundant greenery to indulge in. The Welsh countryside sprouts an enormous amount of vegetation and is interspersed with castles, historic structures, old churches, rivers, mountains and valleys, and a tourist will not find better scenery than this anywhere for a holiday backdrop. 

Holiday parks North Wales are welcome spaces for people touring the Welsh countryside with their caravans as they can hire various different size of pitches in order to park their vehicles.  The singular best feature about the caravan parks is that all are situated within close proximity of the biggest city in these parts, Wrexham, but are still completely submerged in nature. Plassey, for example, has their own farm lands and trails that guests can explore, and the park itself encourages touring of the area with all its easy to access walkways.

If you are in the UK, then the Wales countryside is where you should be visiting with your caravan in toe because the place has great historical significance and attractions that are connected to past years. Wrexham is singled out as the best touring destination in North Wales because it has several historical monuments and also remains the biggest shopping centre in the North. The place has something for everyone irrespective of age or gender as kids can wallow in Waterworld for free while the adults will find the Park Hall Countryside Experience something that the whole family can enjoy. 

The Welsh countryside was founded by the Saxons, and the Tudors developed Shrewsbury that is located on the River Severn, and this history can be seen in the wide variety of castles, abbeys, parklands, medieval houses and spires. You will require one of the Touring Caravan Sites North Wales to support you while you are exploring North Wales, and The Plassey is the most well equipped holiday park in the area catering to caravan holiday seekers. Please call us on 01978 780 277 if you want space to park your caravan whilst you explore this area of natural beauty.  

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Wrexham Offers the Best Caravan Sites for Holidays in North Wales

Choosing a caravan holiday in North Wales is the best holiday decision you will ever make because it allows you to move through this beautiful region at leisure and spend your holiday doing all the things you like to do. If you are thinking about a holiday at a caravan site in North Wales, then Wrexham should be at the top of your list - as it has the most to offer regarding caravan parks and the facilities they offer you, as well as the local attractions for you to enjoy. These are just two of the reasons you should choose Wrexham as your holiday base, and this article will go on to reveal some more. Many of the Caravan Sites North Wales will offer you the ultimate in facilities and home comforts, with the cream of the crop being located in the Wrexham area. 

Wrexham is home to several parks, but there are three most notable ones. Bellevue Park, Acton Park and Erdigg Park are the most popular parks in Wrexham, but there is also an area of greenery called Llwyn Isaf located within the Town Centre as well. The Bellevue Park is located on the Old Cemetery Road and has recently been refurbished. It now boasts a children's play area, tennis and basketball courts, a bowling green and clubhouse, and tree-lined pathways for walkers and joggers to enjoy. It has more than ample lighting, and the whole park is also covered by CCTV. One of the unique things about Bellevue Park is that it has an original Edwardian amphitheater and bandstand - and many music concerts are organised here. 

Similarly, Acton Park also boasts a well-groomed landscape and offers a variety of entertainments for children and adults alike, with plenty of playgrounds and tennis courts. There is also a Japanese-style garden, housing various oriental plants and with a huge lake in the centre which attracts a lot of wildlife as well. The Erdigg Park is situated just over a mile away from Wrexham Town Centre, at the juncture of two valleys. This Park has well-managed gardens and several features of historical interest, such as the 'Cup and Saucer' hydraulic ram. 

The majority of the Caravan Parks North Wales are more than adequately equipped to take care of your daily needs while you are spending time here, but you can also opt for more deluxe pitching sites to make your stay, even more, comfortable.  Wrexham itself is home to many caravan parks, with Plassey being the best amongst them - winning many awards for its facilities and attractions. To book your pitch at Plassey, please give us a call on 01978 780 277 or email us at