Monday, 8 February 2016

Why Is North Wales A Great Place to Holiday?

Why is the Welsh countryside a much better place for a holiday home than a beach resort or a snow clad mountainside chalet? Well, the climatical conditions and environment of the aforementioned holiday zones may not be suitable for everyone as they pose several health issues to visitors who do not like climbing or snow, for example, or for those that hate the salty air that is so prevalent on sandy beaches. The countryside is a different proposition and a healthy one at that, as you get cleaner air to breathe and abundant greenery to indulge in. The Welsh countryside sprouts an enormous amount of vegetation and is interspersed with castles, historic structures, old churches, rivers, mountains and valleys, and a tourist will not find better scenery than this anywhere for a holiday backdrop. 

Holiday parks North Wales are welcome spaces for people touring the Welsh countryside with their caravans as they can hire various different size of pitches in order to park their vehicles.  The singular best feature about the caravan parks is that all are situated within close proximity of the biggest city in these parts, Wrexham, but are still completely submerged in nature. Plassey, for example, has their own farm lands and trails that guests can explore, and the park itself encourages touring of the area with all its easy to access walkways.

If you are in the UK, then the Wales countryside is where you should be visiting with your caravan in toe because the place has great historical significance and attractions that are connected to past years. Wrexham is singled out as the best touring destination in North Wales because it has several historical monuments and also remains the biggest shopping centre in the North. The place has something for everyone irrespective of age or gender as kids can wallow in Waterworld for free while the adults will find the Park Hall Countryside Experience something that the whole family can enjoy. 

The Welsh countryside was founded by the Saxons, and the Tudors developed Shrewsbury that is located on the River Severn, and this history can be seen in the wide variety of castles, abbeys, parklands, medieval houses and spires. You will require one of the Touring Caravan Sites North Wales to support you while you are exploring North Wales, and The Plassey is the most well equipped holiday park in the area catering to caravan holiday seekers. Please call us on 01978 780 277 if you want space to park your caravan whilst you explore this area of natural beauty.  

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